Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I have been thinking about this little quilt for sometime, I found out I was having a little girl and just knew I needed to make a quilt for her. I bought some fabric about 3 months ago (mind you my daughter was already 3 months by then) I found it on ebay, My sister and me TWIRL, so cute! Anyways, this last weekend I decided I better get to work, before my baby doesn't need a baby quilt anymore. Here it is. Just needs binding.


My baby's quilt

Such cute fabric

Backing is an old baby blanket from my other daughter

Other WIPs that need to get done!

Picture/memory quilt - My mom    Needs quilting and binding
Butterfly quilt - Older daughter      Needs quilting and binding
T-shirt quilt - Old A&M Shirts      WAY to big for me to quilt :(
Rag quilt for my niece                    Cut and ready to piece
Baby quilt  for a friend of my husband       Just started cutting and sewing tonight
BOM - Blessings of Spring                       Finish 1st and start 2nd block
BOM - Texas our Texas                           Start 1st block

Ideas not yet started

Coin or Brick quilt with batiks I found on clearance  :)
Camo quilt from my brother's old uniforms - they have no clue :)

I have alot of work to do.


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