Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilt Along progress with Leah Day

I have only recently joined up with the Quilt along but I was able to practice my quilting this past Saturday. Here are some better pictures of my stippling practice.
1/2 yard cloth stippled all over
Stipple and clover from Leah's book :)
Small scale
Large scale

I have only practiced on this one piece so far, but I recently finished a Quilt as you go Quilt. It is a type of rag quilt I found in a magazine. You piece 8 triangles into a square and cut out a large circle from that. I quilted the circle onto a background block and the batting and backing on every other square. The other squares either had a double heart or an X because I got lazy and the heart was a little hard for me  :) I wasn't sure I would ever finish if I kept going at the pace I was. It will be a wedding gift for my little brother in a week and a half. :)

The quilt I am currently working on is an applique butterfly quilt for my daughter. I plan on stippling in the blue and stipple/clover in the pink sashing and probably on the border.

 I can't wait to finish piecing and get to quilting, but I have a busy few weeks ahead so I imagine it will be a while. :(


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First 2 quilts

 This was my Very first quilt. I made it from charms and jelly rolls I found at Walmart. That is my daughter in front, its her quilt. The piecing is awful, the stitch is awful and too far apart. BUT, she doesn't know the difference and matter of fact neither does anyone else that will ever see it  :)

The back is monkeys! I love it!!

This is a quilt I made for my Nephew Cooper before he was born. It was my 2nd quilt.

Here is one of the 12 butterflies that I made for my daughter's quilt. I plan on trying some stippling in the blue space..... I am kind of scared to mess it up.


Monday, February 20, 2012

My quilt as you go project

Layout Idea
Finished quilt

Close up of front
My quilt as you go project was only my third completed quilt. I decided to make a quilt for my brother who is getting married in two weeks! I started it in October and finished it in January while I was on maternity leave. I was afraid to do a traditional quilt because I wasn't sure if I could quilt it good enough. I chose to do a rag type quilt instead. I quilted the circles. I started quilting hearts in all of the other blocks but I was afraid I would never get it finished so I quilted Xs through the rest of them. So there is a diagonal row of hearts quilted in.
Small scale Stipple

Large Scale Stipple

1/2 yard Practice piece

Stipple with clover
I have been following Leah Day at the Free Motion quilting project for almost a year now but I have only now had the time to practice my free motion quilting. I began following her free motion quilting blog 2 weeks ago but finally got to practice yesterday.