Monday, February 20, 2012

My quilt as you go project

Layout Idea
Finished quilt

Close up of front
My quilt as you go project was only my third completed quilt. I decided to make a quilt for my brother who is getting married in two weeks! I started it in October and finished it in January while I was on maternity leave. I was afraid to do a traditional quilt because I wasn't sure if I could quilt it good enough. I chose to do a rag type quilt instead. I quilted the circles. I started quilting hearts in all of the other blocks but I was afraid I would never get it finished so I quilted Xs through the rest of them. So there is a diagonal row of hearts quilted in.


  1. Circles on your third quilt?? Wow. Love it - the colours and the design. Congratulations.

  2. Your third quilt! That is very impressive and the quilt looks absolutely gorgeous. I like the colour combination and the fabrics you selected. If you did circles on your third quilt what are you going to try next?

  3. I am currently piecing a butterfly applique that I started for my daughter a while ago. I will add pics.