Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quilt Along progress with Leah Day

I have only recently joined up with the Quilt along but I was able to practice my quilting this past Saturday. Here are some better pictures of my stippling practice.
1/2 yard cloth stippled all over
Stipple and clover from Leah's book :)
Small scale
Large scale

I have only practiced on this one piece so far, but I recently finished a Quilt as you go Quilt. It is a type of rag quilt I found in a magazine. You piece 8 triangles into a square and cut out a large circle from that. I quilted the circle onto a background block and the batting and backing on every other square. The other squares either had a double heart or an X because I got lazy and the heart was a little hard for me  :) I wasn't sure I would ever finish if I kept going at the pace I was. It will be a wedding gift for my little brother in a week and a half. :)

The quilt I am currently working on is an applique butterfly quilt for my daughter. I plan on stippling in the blue and stipple/clover in the pink sashing and probably on the border.

 I can't wait to finish piecing and get to quilting, but I have a busy few weeks ahead so I imagine it will be a while. :(



  1. Nice stippling! Your quilts are really pretty. - Jeanne

  2. Nice job, Lucretia! Stippling is GREAT! Very even and it just looks wonderful!

  3. Looking good! Your stippling is great -lovely shapes

  4. the quilting looks great. stippling is a great design--so versatile on so many quilt designs!

    also, the butterfly quilt is very pretty. i am looking forward to seeing how that one turns out! :)